To The Patients of Mountain Kidney & Hypertension Associates:

As your health care providers at Mountain Kidney & Hyperteinsion Associates, we are committed to helping all our patients feel better, live longer and, most importantly, enjoy the best quality of life possible.

We have come to better understand the influence that diet and nutrition have on the health of your kidneys in the early stages of this disease. We now know that nutritional care can slow the progression of chronic kidney disease (which we call CKD)- delaying or even avoiding the need for future dialysis or transplantation.

In our experience, patients who have a better understanding of their kidney function tend to cope better with the serious implications of their CKD.

Diabetes, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) are the main conditions that cause chronic kidney disease. The role of nutrition in treating these serious diseases simply cannot be underestimated. Making healthy eating and lifestyle choices empower you to ward off the consequences of these conditions.

Your Medicare plan (and a growing number of private insurance plans) now pays nutritional counseling with our registered dietitian. Also covered is nutritional therapy for diabetics and kidney transplant patients.

Christine Banman, RD, is our Mountain Kidney & Hypertension Associates renal dietitian. Her role includes providing general CKD education and individualized meal planning. She will help you with the changes you need to make to decrease the nutritional complications associated with mild, moderate, or severe kidney disease. These can include heart, artery and bone disease, mineral, vitamin and hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol levels and anemia. We encourage you take advantage of our nutritional and educational services as an important part of your chronic kidney disease care.