A Special Message for Transplant Patients

Dear Patient, 

We are more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. Several very effective vaccines have been developed against COVID-19. We encourage all our immunocompromised patients to receive the COVID-19 vaccination if you have not done so already.  Our recommendation is that immunocompromised patients get either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. 
There have been studies showing that immunocompromised patients don’t have the antibody responses that other patients develop. This means that the vaccine might not cause your body to make enough antibody against the virus. This may mean that despite vaccination, you may still get COVID-19 and it might progress to severe disease. Because of this reason, we ask you not to assume that you are protected against severe disease after vaccination.  Based on all this information, we recommend that you continue to wear a mask in public and practice social distancing.  We also recommend that all eligible household members of immunocompromised patients be vaccinated.
If you have already received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, we recommend that you receive a third dose of either the Pfizer of Moderna vaccine to help your immune system produce antibodies.  If you received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, it is less clear about how to proceed, and you should discuss this with your physician.
If you should become ill, it is important that you get tested for COVID-19.  There are two reasons for this:  First, if you test positive you should isolate from other people to prevent the spread of this virus.  Second, there are medications that can be given to patients with COVID-19 to prevent more severe disease and hospitalization.  
We remain committed to keeping you safe and healthy.  
Mountain Kidney & Hypertension Associates Physicians

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