Dr. Ling was a well respected internist and nephrologists with Mountain Kidney and Hypertension Associates

Dr. Brian Ling

Dr. Ling was a well respected internist and nephrologist with Mountain Kidney & Hypertension Associates, who was known for providing excellent, patient centered care.

Dr. Brian Ling was described by his colleague, Dr. Winfield Word-Sims, as “a rare and wonderful human being” and “a brilliant clinician.” Dr. Brian Ling died in March 2006 at the age of 50. He was a respected physician with Mountain Kidney & Hypertension Associates.

Soft spoken, with a dry wit, a deadpan delivery and a twinkle in his eye, Brian Ling was so modest that few knew how significant and varied his accomplishments were for a man who lived only 50 years. He enjoyed the profound respect of his peers, the gratitude of the many patients whose lives he touched, the adoration of his cherished daughter and the love of his family and friends.

A highly respected kidney researcher and physician, his patients knew him for his compassion, gentle bedside manner and selfless dedication. His partners appreciated how hard and intensely Brian worked for good patient care. Humble and self-deprecating, Brian never spoke of the numerous awards he received for excellence in his field.

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