Mountain Kidney & Hypertension Associates provides the following services:

Chronic Kidney Disease Management

The goals of CKD management include:

  • Reversing kidney injury when possible
  • Slowing the rate of kidney disease or injury progression
  • Preventing complications of kidney disease such as hypertension, vascular disease, anemia and bone disease.

Hypertension Management

Kidneys are deeply involved in the regulation of blood pressure, and high blood pressure can cause kidney injury. Our doctors have special experience and training in the management of hypertension, as well as identification of specific causes of high blood pressure.

  Click here to download a blood pressure log sheet (PDF)

Clinical Research

Our doctors and nurses participate with other medical centers in clinical trials of medications. Participation by patients is always voluntary and patients are not enrolled in trials without their knowledge and consent. These trials have in many cases helped identify more effective drugs for our patients and helped our doctors stay up to date with clinical medical research.

Pre-Transplant Evaluations/Post-Transplant Follow Up

When our patients with advanced kidney disease are considering kidney transplantation, our doctors can help advise them on the benefits and risks, and can help coordinate their evaluation with the medical centers where such transplants are performed. In patients with diabetes, a combined kidney and pancreas transplant may be considered.

With suitable advanced planning, some patients with advanced kidney disease can get a kidney transplant without ever having to go on dialysis.

After transplantation, our staff works closely with the transplant centers to manage immune suppressant medications and other medical issues.

Pre-Dialysis Evaluation

When our patients with CKD appear likely to need dialysis in the future, our doctors can provide education on a range of renal replacement options. These include hemodialysis at home, peritoneal dialysis at home and hemodialysis at a dialysis clinic. For many patients, the discussion of dialysis options occurs at the same time as a discussion of kidney transplantation. Advanced planning can help make the transition to dialysis safer and easier and will help prevent difficulties and even hospitalizations down the road.


Ultrasound exams of the kidney can help diagnose many causes of kidney disease and hypertension, and can often give information about the duration a kidney injury process has been going on. Our technicians and doctors have advanced training in vascular ultrasound of the kidneys.

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