What is Potassium?

Potassium is a mineral that helps muscles and nerves work the right way. It is found in many foods, especially milk, fruits, and vegetables. Too much potassium affects heart rhythm or can cause cardiac arrest without warning.

Some patients with kidney disease are not able to get rid of potassium well enough in their urine, and need to limit the potassium in their diet.

High Potassium Fruits Choose Instead
Bananas Apples, applesauce
Oranges and orange juice Grapes
Prunes and prune juice Peaches
Nectarines Pears
Apricots Plums
Avocado, guacamole Fruit cocktail
Cantaloupe/Honeydew melon Pineapple
Papaya Strawberries
Mango Raspberries
Dates, dried fruits Blueberries
Kiwi Tangerines, Grapefruit
High Potassium Vegetables Choose Instead
White and sweet potatoes Green Beans
Tomatoes and tomato juice Green Peas
Tomato sauce, tomato paste Cucumbers
Beet greens Onions
Spinach Cauliflower
Dried peas Cabbage
Dried beans Summer Squash
Nuts and peanut butter Green Peppers
Winter Squash Eggplant
Broccoli Celery
Other High Potassium Foods Choose Instead
Milk, yogurt, ice cream Non-dairy creamer
Caramel and chocolate Sherbet, Sorbet
Sports drinks Clear Sodas, Grape Juice, Apple
Salt substitute Mrs. Dash, No-Salt Seasoning Blends
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